Sunday, May 24, 2020

Art is offensive to many, but sacred to more.

This morning, while reading the comments on a favorite FB group to which I belong, I learned that an artist had posted a controversial piece she had completed, and was asked to take it down because it offended someone (many?--this part was unclear).

Many were disappointed in the decision...some because they didn't get a chance to see the original post (I was in this camp) and others because it was unclear exactly what made it offensive. The collective strongly agreed, however, that taking it down because it made some folks uncomfortable didn't seem to be the answer. 

John Powers wrote: Art is offensive to many, but sacred to more.

This stood out to me as so.much. Truth.

You may compose works that others find offensive. For some time, you may have to work alone until your tribe becomes apparent. Sometimes this is the only way to be true to your art.

But keep working, trying, failing, trying again to get it right, as your being hears it, feels it.

It is sacred to more.

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