Thursday, May 21, 2020

How does diet help on stage?

Most of my life, I've eaten well balanced diets. Yes, I do indulge in the occasional fast food, and I'm known for loving desserts--even eating them before the actual meal--but for the most part, I am aware of how I feel after I eat, and therefore I eat accordingly.

There are literally thousands of books all over the world that can help guide you if you're seeking advice about how to maximize your performance via food. The surefire way that worked for me, though, was trial and error, journaling, and consulting with my doctors.

The one habit that I changed that made all the difference was I added a salad a day to my diet. No matter what, I eat a salad every day. Even if all day long I ate pizza, pop, Pop Tarts and pickles, somehow I will get a salad in.

That steadfast habit helped me change the amount I work out and the beverages I consume, which lead me to better concentration, much better stamina (so sitting at the piano practicing for a long time is a non-issue),  and greater flexibility and agility. I could write a book about diet plus my yoga practice and how beneficial they are to performance.

In lieu of that, behold my my fresh spring salad of blueberries, spinach, cranberries, almonds, walnuts, plums, blood oranges, and pecans, washed down with fresh spring water.

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