Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Musical Kinetics--designed for music teachers by music teachers.

Musical Kinetics will dramatically improve your approach to teaching. You've got back-up now.

If you've just started teaching, you'll establish habits that will hold you in good stead throughout this career as well as others you may explore. Be inspired!
If you're a seasoned instructor, you've now encountered a "next level" curriculum that'll help your students strive to raise their own level of excellence. Motivate your students!

Purchase both the podcast audio and the PDF here: Musical Kinetics
Here are the contents:

Here's a lesson to check out:

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Musical Kinetics Store

Here's an excerpt from Seeing Your Success:

Purchase the audio here:
Musical Kinetics
What people have said about Musical Kinetics:
Simple to use. Easy to follow.
Helps students understand music concepts better.
Helps students feel engaged and interested.
Helps teachers relax and enjoy the process of teaching...so very important right now.
Created for those who recently found themselves teaching in a digital, online format.

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