Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Slow down, Teachers. For real.

 I have a ton of work to do tonight. It is all groovy things to do. But it must be done, as opposed to wanting to do it for the sheer joy and exhilaration of doing something worthwhile with my time and energy on Earth, ya dig?

Energy is needed. Preparations must be made.


Cucumbers from a friends yard, sliced and peeled.

Tomatoes, sliced, also from someone's yard

Your favorite dressing because we are keeping it simple and delicious (mine today is Briannas creamy cilantro lime dressing).

Cracked pepper--my secret ingredient on salads


Mix it all up in a bowl. Crack some pepper on top of it all. Eat. Moan if you'd like.

This simple snack or meal or in between crunchy-creamy-good will make all the difference in your mood, in a wonderfully inexpensive, healthy, delectable way.

Have a great evening.

No, I am not a paid or any kind of spokesperson for the Briannas salad dressing label. This is true love. 

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