Thursday, October 8, 2020

Get your passport.

The Piano Instructors encourage all students to get their passports. Imagining where you can go, even if you can't quite get there today, works miracles in performance.

It is difficult to explain why if you haven't applied for your passport. 

You see, the application process itself primes you for travel. Are you applying because you're traveling soon, the officials ask. Do you have an expired passport? Where were you born?

The anticipation of waiting for the thing to come in the mail is delicious in its own way. 

And when it arrives...when the official document arrives...when you see your name and terrible explosion of "Where can I go right now?" thoughts take over. Two hours on Google Earth and Kayak Explore later, and your imagination is soaring.

And it is marvelous. 

Suddenly, your performances are not limited to your home country. You can perform anywhere your favorite artists perform or grew up or had lunch that one time.

This is a time of covid. So right now we can't go anywhere, not really.

All things change, though, and (these days) in strange and unexpected ways. Get ready now when it doesn't really matter and when nobody is thinking about this so that when it does change, you can move forward.

If you're already ready, you don't have to get ready.

Get your passport. 

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