Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Start where you are with what you have.

I do not have my piano yet; it is in storage. My things are still not unpacked. Clearly my home needs renovation.  And all I have is electricity, a keyboard and a table. 

That's enough to get started. 

A lot of people want to play the piano, or they want to teach piano, or they want to learn how to read music, or learn how to do a jazz riff or learn how to play ska...but they wait for some imaginary moment when everything lines up and I'm here to tell you:

There is no magic moment.

Start where you are with what you have and build.

This morning, I went downstairs, made a very strong espresso with agave sugar, and sat down.

At first I played sounds, just arpeggios and scales that sounded pleasing to wake the house up. Yes, I play for the house itself. I play to make the house feel good. Try it.

Then I played Beethoven's Fur Elise, then attempted Mozarts piano sonata in C (eeek!), then Carole King's Natural Woman. That morphed into some weird thing with weird harmonies that I made up, then I began learning Joe Cocker's version of Feelin' Alright. That opening piano--yes.

Then I sipped some espresso and wrote this.

There was no rhyme or reason. I played because it felt good. I played because it sounds amazing in the house. I played because I was awake and have a keyboard and was feelin' alright.

I didn't think about all the things I don't have. I don't have my beautiful piano. I don't have my library of books and sheet music. I barely have heat.

And still I felt joy creating vibrations that traveled through and around me, course correcting and remembering and learning and adapting as I played.


Just start. 

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