Thursday, October 1, 2020

Teacher PSA.

This is a public service announcement for teachers.

Today is October 1. 

Many of you have been teaching for almost a month. Some of you having been teaching for almost a month for the first time ever.

There are about 90 days left in the calendar year, and about an infinity left in the school year.

I want you to stop thinking about all that.

And think about what you're doing right now.

Think about your wonderful comfortable chair. Remember when you first got it? If it isn't comfy, change chairs. Just go ahead and do that right quick.

Where's your water? This might be a little TMI, but is your urine clear or close to clear? Go drink some water. Good!

Hey, since you're reading this right now, sit up a little bit (in your comfy chair). Drop your shoulders. Maybe roll them forward, then backward. That feels good. 

Drop your shoulders.

Take a deep breath. Did you cough at first?  If you coughed, just laugh and try again until you can get one good deep inhalation and then release it. Don't be alarmed if it takes a couple of tries; if you don't do it regularly it can be like that. 

Drop your shoulders.

Finally, feel your face. That sounds funny, but without touching your face, feel your face. Feel your cheeks and your forehead and your nose and lips. Move your brows up and down. And turn the corners of your lips upward.

This was your public service announcement.

You're going great!

Tina L, multiple award winning teacher, producer, and composer, is the founder of The Piano Instructor. Her curriculum, Musical Kinetics, teaches teachers how to create musicians for life. It is field tested by teachers, written by a teacher, and perfected as students respond and science provides more information. It is available here.

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