Monday, November 30, 2020

The Gallery: Global News--December 1, 2020

Thank you note from the Editor: 

Thank you so much for everything.

This year has been an interesting one for sure, and yet we have found ways to endure. And many of us have found ways to create.

This newsletter was born out of a desire to share the fantastic things my artist friends are doing. When covid hit, we had to stop gathering...which, sadly, meant no performing.

Artists gonna art, tho.

Folks found ways to adapt, as humans are wont to do. And new ways to create and share and produce and direct were born.

For example, as a result of many teachers needing to suddenly and expertly learn how to encourage students in an online environment, I created Musical Kinetics and have offered consulting services to help new and inexperienced teachers make the transition to online teaching in a fun, no-pressure, non-judgmental way.

Another example is that the newsletter is changing. It will be called The Gallery: Global, and the accompanying podcast will air on Saturday mornings. Follow the_piano_instructor on Instagram for details as they unfold.

The world is changing, but the desire to create great art will always sustain. Here are some of the services, products, and courses available to help you achieve your dreams.

And as always, for curriculum and teacher training, and for educational consulting, you can contact me directly at 313.919.2806.

Tina L. Dezerne, CEO 
The Piano Instructor

The Gallery: Global--December 1, 2020


Saturday, December 5, 2020 7 p.m.- 8 p.m. EST--Zoom session.
Learn how to navigate the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets through simple and easy-to-follow steps.

The demand for financial knowledge is stronger than ever. 

IM Mastery Academy is the leading digital trading education resource. 

Education, live mentorship and shared strategies enable you to understand the market. 

Andre Morton, Christina Williams and master educator Curt Kobane host this one hour session.



Huh. I Guess We're Doing a Thanksgiving Special.

Do you want to understand the stuff the Supreme Court says, but you don't want to read the cases?  

Do you also wonder about constitutional issues that are going on in the news, but you don't want to read the Constitution?  

Are you kinda hoping some nerd will do it for you?  

Preferably a nerd with a law degree and a lot of time on their hands?  (Who else would do it?)  

And then explain the cases and Constitutional issues and stuff in plain English, maybe with jokes?


Then this blog is for you, my friend.  Welcome to WTF, SCOTUS?


Everyone needs a calendar. Order your 2021 Musical Tips and Interesting Facts calendar today. 

Be inspired by knowledge and beautiful scenes, photographed by the founder of The Piano Instructor. 

Calendars are $19.95. To order, email:, with subject header "2021 Calendar".

To see the monthly tips, daily memes, and more, follow The Piano Instructor on Instagram. 


Sanding, Dust N Painting

Glenda Esconde is the artist for this arts and crafts shop. In her words: "My journey as an artist started when I was little drawing side-by-side with my dad." 

She became a graphic designer where her passion for colors and designing was renewed, but it wasn't until her family moved to Hawaii that her inspiration blossomed. Check out her photos and projects on Instagram.

One of her top sellers is the DIY Christmas Ornament Gift Kit ($20.00USD, shown below), which contains everything you need to create your own memories. See this and more in her shop.


Steve Somers Solo Guitar

Steve Somers, esteemed music educator and classically trained guitarist, shares his online duet series and interviews at Alley Records on Facebook. 

Stay tuned for the new Christmas album release featuring Detroit legend Soul Singing Sam. 

Check in to hear more about "Sonatas for Guitar 2020", his original works. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Steven H Somers

Join him every Sunday at 5 p.m. EST in December on Facebook for one hour of enjoyable music.

Mr. Somers is a professor at Washtenaw Community College in Ypsilanti, MI. His online guitar and jazz combo courses are open for registration; contact Washtenaw Community College for more information.

Connect with Mr. Somers on Facebook and Instagram.


Jesse Thomas Morgan and Open Mike with Kids

Jesse Thomas Morgan is a pianist, guitarist, and percussionist, and is completing his requirements to become a certified music therapist.

His albums, Where Love Resides and In the Listening Room, were both released in January 2020. You can purchase them now for whatever you wish to pay--you are able to Name Your Price. 

His latest single, Late Night, was recorded at the Willis Sound Studio in Ypsilanti. It too is available for sale.

Jesse hosts open mic for kids on Monday nights. 

Sister Squad Open Mic on Monday nights at around 7 p.m. is where you need to be. 

For more information about his music or the open mic, contact Jesse at 734.355.1501 and at


Mary Docherty shared an Asian-inspired stir-fry recipe on Facebook that was very popular among some of my friends. You can substitute the pork for another meat or for a meat substitute.


2lbs of ground pork

2 bags of Manns Super Blend (found at Meijer by the bagged salads)

G. Hugh's Sugar Free Orange Ginger Sauce (however much you like; I didn't use the full serving)

toasted sesame seeds


Instructions: Brown the pork, then drain while you saut√© the greens until tender. Combine and top with sauce and sesame. 

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to put it all together and you can cut this in half. A serving size is one cup, and that's 4 carbs and about 300 calories.


Olivia Van Goor and William Marshall Bennett will be doing a mix of holiday and non-holiday tunes this Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 11:30am EST. If you have any requests let them know.


Thank you for reading this.
I loved writing it.

You are the best.

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