Monday, January 11, 2021

Creating Musicians For Life

 What is practice and how does your approach help Create Musicians for Life?

Kate Rosen, of Kate Rosen Voice Studio, asked me this question. I gave her the basic ideas we share--you practice because you wanna get good. 

At The Piano Instructor, we don't ask about practice time. As teachers, we practice a lot, though, and talk about it a lot, and we love our art so much that we are constantly experimenting and working with artists and doing weird musical combinations and such and we talk about that too...and that makes our students want to do the same.

When that happens, the number of minutes or hours of practice a student is completing is a non-issue because the student is more concerned about the quality of his practice; she want to make sure she has efficiency of motion or maybe they're trying to get that phrase to come out smoothly or some such, and the student is not only willing to put the time in to get it, but very often is unaware of how much time has actually passed while attempting to get this right.

After all, that's the student we want. Why would anyone take piano lessons if they're not excited to use what they've just learned?

I thought about that answer a lot. I realized how naïve and idealistic that answer was.

And I stand by it, 100%. In fact, I expanded on it.

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Our approach to practice is one of the reasons why I am successful at Creating Musicians For Life. Check it out for yourself.

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