Saturday, March 6, 2021

Loving Life

 Even when Life sucks, Life is good.

If you knew all that I have gone through, you would wonder how in the world I am able to smile at all.

It's because Life is good, even when it sucks.

It is really, really good.

This post was supposed to be about overcoming blah blah blah in teaching, but the message ended up being this:

Life is good, even when things are far from ideal. [Thesis statement]

The trick is looking whatever in the eyeballs and seeing it for what it truly is. 

I think that's where some people get hung up--they don't want to say, Wow, that's awful, and then change/grow/improve/work around, or even recognize that this is how it is for now. (Sometimes it's like that).

Life is good.

And also there are elements that are just garbage.

It is ok to say, "This is garbage" about certain things.

Sometimes, things happen that are awful.

Sometimes people are awful. Everyone has awful moments, but some try to take it to Ph.D./Iron Man Triathlon levels on purpose and with great relish, and that's plain awful too and it is ok to acknowledge that (without fanfare because we don't want to feed the trolls).

My goal, always, is to find so much good happening at the same time such that the awful becomes smaller in importance and scope and legit gets drowned out by the wonderful.

I'm not always successful. I'm always hopeful, though, and--and here's the bit, right here--I'm actively working toward discovering and taking joy in all of the magnificence Life has to offer, garbage/awful be damned.


                                        I don't think I teach this. But I do believe I live it.

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